Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Get Money With Skills

How To Get Money With Your Skill?

Do you have any skills. What ever you can. And what ever your skill.The important you love it. How to get Money with your skill?. If you have skills. What ever this,the money will get you.

Example you like music and love that. You can join in mailing list. You share and share so you have any friend to sharing with you. You can offer your skill may be how to playing guitar with your style. Than you build your comunity and you create space to your member. May be free member and premium member. In your comunity you can get any money.

May be you ask me. How to get money without mailing list?

The mailing list is the sample.The substance of offer your skill to get money,I thing just three. The first what your skill to offer. The second how your offer and the third how you give your skill and for whom.

The first. What your skill to offer?

You can choose what you can do and what you like. May be just it. If you have question that who need may skill? The answer what ever your skill are needed other person.

The second how to your offer?

What your skills ? Your skill must to have special market. The sample, Music the market in entertaimen and diferent market with poetry. Poetry is the intertaiment but different with music. Because poerty and music have specialy market. I hope you undestand with my opinion. So how to your offer?

You can do market riset. May be you can uses internet. The sampel www.Echo.Or.Id The situs offer their skills about wallpaper. You can learn to their situs How offer your skill. You can learn how their offer and how their promote

The third how to your give and for whom?

Come back the www.echo.or.id . The wall paper may be for studen or teenager so they offer with lenguage for student or teenager like that for whom your skills. You must plan.

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