Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

Get money from Selling

I thing if we want some money. we can try to sale something.but. what we will sale. we can sale some of product like t-shirt, cap, shoes and so on. but where we get it?

Now we can sell more product with multiway. like affiliation, dropshiping, or reseller. Ok let take action now.
I will give one sampel.

Do you know

Now we can sale more produk from we just register be their afiliate member. and then we can choose their product to promote and we give fee from them.

Not only amazon able to give us money. I introduce clickbank. In the click bank we can choose some produk to sell. we can sell everything free and we get fee

Want more?

not only affiliation to make us earn money from selling. we can try dropship. what is dropship?
dropship like affiliation but dropship permited us to take price with big discon so we can earn  money from discont.

How about a logistic?

Is no problem dropship vendor will send their selling we just create a web and promote our web like our on-line shop. we service our customer and dropship vendor send the goods.

 where we get dropship?

we can search in google but, this our recomended dropship:


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