Jumat, 20 November 2015

How to Make Money from Yard

You have a home page or yard? If so, would you like me to give a little idea to generate money from your yard?

Yard or the home page might be filled with a variety of good plant vegetables or flowers. Occurred to you to cultivate ginger?

Ginger in addition serves to warm the body also has a pretty good economic value. And, do not require large land with proper planting techniques. Ginger can be grown directly on the ground. But, I offer no ground ginger planting, but planting ginger in a sack.

How much money can be made from ginger farming by using the sack? Sacks 25 kg, can hold 10kg ginger ready for harvest. That is, each time you plant the ginger in sacks of 25 kg, while the harvest you can produce 10kg of ginger. In one square meter, can be filled with 2 to 3 sacks. This means that each square meter has the potential to produce 30 kg of ginger. With the price of ginger Rp10.000, - / kg or $ 1 / kg. Square meter yard you could potentially make money Rp300,000, - or $ 30. Quite interesting is not.

How old ginger ready to harvest? Ginger ready for harvest age 8 to 10 months. If you have a yard measuring 5 meters x 6 meters, you could potentially make money Rp9.000.000, - or $ 900 every 8 months. Or Rp1.125.000, - / month or $ 112 / month

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